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Taking Care of Your Car

  1. Hand wash your vehicle at least twice a month using a soft sponge.
  2. Avoid commercial car washes for two months.
  3. Do not apply wax for two months.
  4. Refrain from scraping ice and snow off newly finished surfaces.
  5. Keep your car parked in a garage or in shade to avoid extreme exposure to heat and cold weather.
  6. Avoid parking under trees to protect the finish from sap.
  7. Remove bird drippings immediately as they contain phosphates that will rapidly turn into phosphoric acid.
  8. Use commercially formulated bug removers. Bugs have very acidic bodies that will damage your car's paint.
  9. Rinse away any spilled gasoline or other fluids as soon as possible.
  10. Avoid placing objects such as luggage and bags on top of the car or on the trunk.
  11. Avoid direct sun and heat when washing your vehicle.
  12. Rinse your vehicle often in the winter to prevent rusting fading and corrosion from road salt.
  13. Avoid brush-style car washes which can rub dirt into the paint and scratch it.
  14. At a "do-it-yourself" car wash use the lowest possible setting in order to avoid "blasting grit" into the car's finish.
  15. Begin by rinsing excess dirt and soil off the surfaces so it won't be rubbed into the surface and cause scratches.
  16. Wash the car from top down in straight lines using overlapping strokes.
  17. Never wipe down your car when it is dry.
  18. Always rinse out buckets and sponges well to avoid small gritty particles from scratching your finish.
  19. Never leave sponges or chamois on the ground where they can pick up dirt and rocks.
  20. When drying your car open all doors and lids to enable these areas to dry completely.
  21. If wax is applied in high humidity it may cause clouding and streaking.
  22. Use only pure waxes not ones promising to remove dirt and restore finish.
  23. Never wax in direct sunlight.
  24. Have your car detailed once a year